Clyde and the Milltailers is a Colorado based “Rag-Grass” band that features a rotating line-up of musicians. The songwriting and style is heavily influenced by early American jazz, folk, and appalachian old time. The band’s core songwriter, Clyde, who also performs solo under “Clyde of the Milltailers,” started writing songs while traveling in his youth. Clyde met David Rowely in High school and were in several previouse projects in the area and eventually collaborated in 2015, naming the project after the radioactive uranium mill tailings that were used for sidewalks and house foundations in their hometown of Grand Junction, Colorado. They recorded their first full length, self-titled album in 2016, and the five song EP “.root.” a year later with mandolinist Mistie Dawn who joined the band not long before. Both albums were recorded by Taylor Riley of Fusion Audio Solutions, and both featured album art by Lindsay Falsone- another Grand Junction artist.